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The ClickTrain list is owned by M. Shirley Chong. Shirley spent much of her youth training and riding horses. She has been training dogs since 1982 and started using clicker training in 1992.

ClickTrain is a forum for the discussion of the real life application of Operant Conditioning, particularly Clicker Training. Though the list stays pretty well on topic, a variety of information and various training methods are covered. The list is not moderated, but is monitored; mostly to keep things flowing smoothly. The list is filtered to eliminate Spam, HTML/Rich Text, and attachments (thus eliminating the threat of viruses).

ClickTrain uses the Majordomo listserve software, and can be a high volume list. If your email space is limited you may prefer the digest form. The digests will come with less frequency than single posts, and will take up a little less space. Digest subscribers will see the same posts as the single post subscribers, but with the digest form posts are compiled into 20 KB packets before being sent. The drawback is in the delay between each digest's delivery vs getting single posts as soon as they are submitted to the list.

This version of Majordomo has the 'nomail' option. The 'nomail' option allows a subscriber to temporarily stop incoming posts. This option is good if you take a vacation or just need to stop the flow of the list for a while. Additionally, since the 'nomail' option only stops majordomo from sending you posts, but still allows you to send in posts, it has another use. If you have two email accounts and want to be able to send in posts with either account, just subscribe with both email addresses and set one to the 'nomail' mode. This way you'll only get incoming posts on one account, but can send in posts with either account.

Following are some links that should open up a new email already set up to send.

Note: if you or your email server automatically adds a footer/sig-line (as does Yahoo) you will need to place the command end on the next line after any commands sent to majordomo. The end command tells majordomo to stop parsing your email for further commands. Failure to do so will only result in a error message from Majordomo telling you that [your sig-line text] is not recognized as a valid majordomo command. So don't worry if you get such a message, just remember to use the end command next time.

Subscribing to ClickTrain

Start by opening up a new email and address it to:


To receive list mail at the address from which you're sending your mail, simply say "subscribe" followed by the list's name:

  subscribe clicktrain
  subscribe clicktrain-digest
      (if you want the digest form)

or you can use the shorter command of "subscribe":

  sub clicktrain
  sub clicktrain-digest
      (if you want the digest form)

If for some reason you wish to have the mailings go to a different address (a friend's address, a specific other system on which you have an account, or an address which is more correct than the one that automatically appears in the "From:" header on the mail you send), you would add that address to the command. For instance, if you're sending a request from your work account, but wish to receive list mail at your personal account you'd put the line

  subscribe clicktrain EmailAddressGoesHere
  subscribe clicktrain-digest EmailAddressGoesHere
      (if you want the digest form)

in the mail message body.

Based on configuration decisions made by the list owners, you may be added to the mailing list automatically. You may also receive notification that an authorization key is required for subscription. Another message will be sent to the address to be subscribed (which may or may not be the same as yours) containing the key, and directing the user to send a command found in that message back to majordomo@tardigrade.net (This can be a bit of extra hassle, but it helps keep you from being swamped in extra email by someone who forged requests from your address.). You may also get a message that your subscription is being forwarded to the list owner for approval; some lists have waiting lists, or policies about who may subscribe. If your request is forwarded for approval, the list owner should contact you soon after your request.

To unsubscribe follow the instructions above but replace subscribe/sub with unsubscribe/unsub.

To view the entire help file click here.