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Theory, Terms & Abbreviations

Stacy Braslau-Schneck
Positively the Last Word on Terms!
Index for Jean Donaldson's The Culture Clash
What is An Extinction Burst?

Shirley Chong
Operant Conditioning Terminology
R+, R-, P+, P-
And Still More R+, R-, P+, P-
More or Less Options?
When To Stop Using the Clicker

Julie Daniels
R+, R-, P+, P-

Carol Dunster
Command vs Cue and Other Definitions

Helix Fairweather
Why All This Fuss About the Terms?

Donna Hrynkiw

George Keith
Extinction Bursts - Keep the Faith!

Yvonne Lord
Operant Condtioning - Respondent Conditioning

Elizabeth Naime
R+, R-, P+, P-

Dani Weinberg
Another Way to Live
A-B-C Model