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Getting Started

Sue Ailsby
LEADING THE DANCE - Building A Better Relationship
Couch Training 101
Advantages of the Umbilical Cord

Sidney Boardman
Training Multiple Animals

Stacy Braslau-Schneck
Frequently Asked Questions

Shirley Chong
Clicker Too Loud?
Adding the Cue
Teaching a "Settle"
Building Unpredictability
Shirley's Treats
101 Things To Do With a Box -

Carol Dunster
Clicker Training, What Is It?"

Ellen (need last name)
How Much Easier to Train Someone *Else's* Dog!

Helix Fairweather
Eye Contact Game

Victoria Farrington
A Dog's Tolerance Level
How to Use Negative Punishment (the soccer post)

Deb Jones
Crazy Dog Game

Grace McDonald
Teaching 'Go To Your Mat'

Lana Mitchell
10 Steps to Desensitizing the Clicker
Recipe for a Non-Pulling Dog
Addendum to the No Pull Recipe

Karen Pryor
15 Rules for Getting Started with the Clicker
Stimulus Control

Janet Smith
Working on the Relationship

Amy Straughan
More on Muffling the Clicker

Dani Weinberg
Getting Started
Eye Contact Game
When To Add The Cue
Leave It
Loose Leash Walking
Touching a Target Stick
How Long a Session, How Many a Day?

Steve White
40 Primary Reinforcers

author unknown
Using a Rolled Newspaper