Keeper Pages
Common Problems

Sue Ailsby and Shirley Chong
Fear, Adrenalin and Food - two articles.

Sue Ailsby
Motion Detector Cures Counter Surfing
Picky Eaters
Or, Teach Them a Trick Instead
Trouble Shooting a Problem (Using the Retrieve as an Example)

Susan Bacig
Dog Aggression

Bob Bailey
What If He's Not 'In The Mood'?

Shirley Chong
Overcoming Fear Takes Patience
Defusing Aggression with the Clicker
Side-Stepping the Puller
Using a Conditioned Negative Punisher to Stop Barking
Barrier Training
More on Barrier Training
InterBitch Aggression
Do Dogs Feel Guilt?
Puppies and Kids
Getting a Rescue Dog Started
Peanut Butter for Barkers
Dog and Human Relationship
Teaching 'potty' on Cue
Using the Distraction as Reinforcement
Interrupting Barking with a Click
Food Stealing - a Novel Approach
Proofing Food
Ring Nerves: A Baylee Dilemma
Cure for Sock Stealing Dogs
Princess Training
Open Door Crate Training
Cat Retraining Protocol v1
Cat Retraining Protocol v2

Phyllis Dorrough
Dispensing Medication

Val Ellingson
Using a Crate

Helix Fairweather
Snake Proofing

Line Farr
Teaching Loose Leash Walking With A Double Ended Leash

Victoria Farrington
Who's In Charge Here?
Leaving Yucky Stuff (i.e. Making Better Choices)
Introducing Kids and Dogs
Doggie Bill of Rights

Donna Fefee
Desensitization w/ Justice, dremel, etc.

Gail Fisher
Myths about Dominance
How Useful is Pack Theory?
Territory Protection, Redirected Aggression

Annie Fitt
Princess Training Too

Marie Gulliford
C/T for Nails

Melinda Johnson
Managing A Multiple Dog Household
Analysis of Methods for Teaching Heeling
Teaching a Pup Not to Jump on Company

George Keith
What If He Really IS Disobeying?

Elizabeth Kershaw
Pack Theory

Robert Loftus with response by Marian Bailey
Punishment Begets Fear

Grace McDonald
Teaching 'Go To Your Mat'

Lana Mitchell
Punishment and the Recall
Recipe for a Non-Pulling Dog
Addendum to the Recipe

Chris Nielsen
Correct Use of a Citronella Collar (for barking)

Susan Northcutt
Why Use a Head Halter

Karen Pryor
Conditioned Aversive (the vanilla post)

Terry Ryan
Calming Signals - article about Turid Rugaas' work

Bianca Uittenbogaard
Two Reward System

Calvernia Vincent
Roadkill Recall

Dani Weinberg
Two Reward System
Two Reward System Follow Up
Sweetie's Counterconditioning (Using Fun Matches to Your Advantage)

Esther Zimmerman
Fall-Out from Corrections

Yvonne in Merritt, BC
Coming When Called