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786 Heeling Exercises - send me your favorites to be added!

Sue Ailsby
Shaping the Broad Jump
Paw Targeting
Teaching the Retrieve
Trouble Shooting a Problem (Using the Retrieve as an Example)

Torbjörn Bückström
External Reward (Treat Behind Dog)

Rosemary Burtch
Teaching Scent Articles

Shirley Chong
Fixing the Crouch on Recall
Eliminating Body Cues
Fitting the Dumbbell
More on Fronts
More on Good Heeling
Heeling - Targeting to Your Body
Use of a Keep Going Signal
Using Matches as Training
More on Matches - (she *is* prolific isn't she?)
Ring Nerves
Teaching a Foot Whack
Variable Schedule of Reinforcement for Heeling
Ring Nerves: A Baylee Dilemma

Jona Decker
Tuck Sit, Fold Back Down, Kick Back Stand

Margie English
Teaching Scent BEFORE The Retrieve

Helix Fairweather
Eye Contact Game
Lana Mitchell's 'Go Get It!' Game
Patience, Good Heeling Doesn't Happen Overnight
Stand For Exam

Gail Fisher
Perfection in Obedience -

Susan Goss
Seeing the Beauty in Obedience

Ron Harris
Building Concentration

Jean Heisler
No Food in the Ring

Melinda Johnson
Analysis of Methods for Teaching Heeling

Trish King
Heel Back

Ellen Landingham
Drop on Recall

Linda Lundgren
The Pivot Left Turn
Success with Margie's Scent Method

Lana Mitchell
Getting Those Perfect Sits!
Holes in Teaching the Retrieve

Morgan Spector
Training the Retrieve

Dani Weinberg
Eye Contact Game
Loose Leash Walking

Agility || Tracking || Flyball || Water Dog Trials || Obedience

Sue Ailsby
Weave Poles The Easy Way

Mary Beam
Agility Repetitive Stress

Shirley Chong
Agility Repetitive Stress

Helix Fairweather
Weave Poles - Correct Entry
Slowing Down for the Up Contact

Robert Loftus
Teaching Weaves the Clicker Way (Weaving Without Tears)

Karen Pryor
Teaching the Weave Poles
More on Weaves - Building a Chain

Gary Wilkes
Training (or Retraining) the Teeter

Tracking || Flyball || Water Dog Trials || Obedience || Agility

Phyllis Dorrough
Article Indication (AWAY from the track)

Steve White
Various Posts on Tracking

Flyball || Water Dog Trials || Obedience || Agility || Tracking

Deb Norman
BackChaining for Flyball

Water Dog Trials || Obedience || Agility || Tracking || Flyball

Sue Ailsby
Passing the Junior Water Dog!