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Shirley's Clicker Training Lessons
Lesson 2 - The Full-Court Press

Get out your treats and your clicker. Get one dog (if you have more than one dog) alone. What you're going for this time is speed in getting the behavior.

What you're aiming for is the dog to do a down and roll over on their side.

This time, concentrate on the dog. Make note of the time and do whatever you have to do to get the behavior in the shortest amount of time. Shaping, luring, capturing, it's all fair game--your goal is to get the dog on their side as quickly as possible. Then repeat it four more times, if your dog is willing. See how fast you can get that dog on their side--is the fifth trial faster than the first?

Questions for Lesson 2

  1. How quickly did your dog react?
  2. Did your dog yawn, eye flick, lick lips or walk away?
  3. Compare this to how your dog did with the first lesson--what does this tell you about your dog?