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Using a Rolled Newspaper - author unknown
You Know You're A Clicker Trainer When...

Sue Ailsby
101 Things You Can Train From the Couch
The Ten Commandments for Giant Schnauzers

David Allan
Retrieving a Biscuit

Stacy Braslau-Schneck
Radical Reductionist Behaviorist Costume
101 Tricks

Vivian Bregman
Making Fetch Fun

Shirley Chong
Tiring Activities for Rainy Days
Walking Backwards
Hot Dog Retrieve
101 Things To Do With a Box -

Fred Cisin
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Debi Davis
Who's Training Whom?

Victoria Farrington
Choosing Their Own R+ (Who else?)
Dash and the Rabbit Pelt
Dash's Magic Box

Susan Fraser
101 Things To To With a Dog IN a Box

Barbara Ann Gray
Cool Tricks

Marie Gulliford
No Pull Game for Young Handlers
More Tricks

Beth Reddenmund
You Know You're a Clicker Trekkie When ... -

Linda Shipman
Fun Moments in Clicker Training

Linda Shipman
Fun Moments in Clicker Training

Robin Tinay Sallie
Ideas for Keeping a Dog Busy

Judy Stoodley
Clicker Training Plants

Laurie Telfair
Laurie's Fun With the Box

Wayne ?
Shaping a Bow