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Loose Lead Walking
Step Five

It's time to stand up! But not time to go outside yet unless you are very, very fast and your dog is very, very slow.

Find a room or area that is large enough for you and your dog to wander around in but too small for your dog to build up any kind of speed as you do so. Put the collar and leash on your dog and start slowly walking.

If your dog wanders off in some other direction, follow your dog. Periodically apply a feather's worth of pressure to the leash as you follow your dog; when your dog moves to release the pressure (whether by accident or on purpose), click and treat.

If your dog follows you, click and treat! Start applying a feather's worth of pressure to the leash to move your dog's body in relationship to yours.

If your dog moves away from the pressure, go with your dog while maintaining that same featherweight of pressure on the leash. If you have to, use the tiny chick's heart vibration on the leash to get your dog's attention.

What this will look like for most people is taking turns following the leader with the dog. The dog leads for a little while, then the person applies pressure and changes the direction of travel, then the dog leads again, and so on. This is why you want to be in an area small enough that your dog can't build up more speed than you can follow!

Any questions?

M. Shirley Chong
Grinnell Iowa USA
Saturday, February 16, 2008 2:12 pm