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Loose Lead Walking
Another Slant on LLW

Date: May 8, 2016 at 10:49:14 AM PDT
From: "M. Shirley Chong"
Subject: ClickTrain=> Best Leash Training Video EVAH!

> Marilyn Dreifus wrote:
> I get a video about horse training--not dog training.


So horse people call it a halter and lead rope and they are dealing with animals that weigh half a ton, it's the same problem 99% of all dog owners whose dogs pull have. The problem is not the horse and it's not the dog. The problem is literally in the hands of the trainer.

I believe that if every leash came with a bundle of 500 pre-tied cotton thread loops, instructions on how to attach them to a dog's collar and directions not to attach the leash directly to the collar until the owner ran out of cotton thread loops, there would be a lot less lunatic dogs around. And very few dogs with leashes attached directly to the collar because along about the 30th loop or so, there would never be enough pressure on the loop to break it again.

I also like how he reinforced every single movement in the correct direction, even when it was not as much of a movement as the one that came before. Three year old horses are about as emotionally mature as 9 month old dogs and their concentration wavers. He just preaches to her condition and pretty soon, she's giving him a lot of lateral flexion (bending her head around to the side) in response to a tiny amount of pressure.

M. Shirley Chong
Grinnell Iowa USA