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Hi there! My name is Holly! I was born in October of 1997, and I was really, really tiny... I was much smaller than my other brothers and sisters. I was cold and hungry...

When I first saw my Mommy Shirley I ran up and sat on her shoe; she was so warm and friendly. She picked me up and held me for a bit and I felt so warm and loved... Though we were still too young to leave our real mommy, she had come to reserve one of us to adopt. She seemed more interested in one of my sisters, but I was still sad when she left.

When I saw her again we all were finally old enough to leave our mommy. By then I was feeling weak and sickly, very cold and hungry. I knew she had come to take my sister with her, but I was still so glad to see her that I moved up close to her; I was too weak to get up on her shoe. She reached down and picked me up, and Daddy Jim picked up my sister. They spoke for a bit and to my surprise they took both of us with them... I was so happy, so warm tucked inside mommy Shirley's coat.

My new mommy was really worried about me. I was so weak I even had a hard time keeping my head up. She took me to see a nice lady who looked me over and then gave Mommy some special food she said would make me feel better. When we got to my new home Mommy heated the food up and fed it to me. It was so good, and she gave me all I wanted... when I was with my brothers and sisters I never got all I wanted.

My new home is just wonderful, all warm and cozy with plenty of food and my sister really likes it too. Mommy and Daddy are nice to us and we even have a new brother and two new sisters... Maybe I should introduce you to some of them...

This is my sister, Mist. Mist is short for Mistle Toe. She came with me to live here. She's a lot bigger than I am. She's really nice to me, and she shows me how to clean myself and other stuff.

She's taught me how to play, eat real food, clean myself, play, climb, run, play, potty in the litter box. Oh.. and did I say play? Sometimes she'll hold me down and clean me all over, I feel much better after that... I purrr and meow and feel happy... Mist is a great sister and I really like her a lot!

This is my new sister, Chamois. She's really big and likes to play with me. She's really nice to me and I like her a lot.

This is my new brother, Beej. He's even bigger than Chamois. He's really nice. Though not as playful as Chamois is he's really warm. I like warm friends almost as much as playful friends.

Thanks to all my new friends and family, I'm a lot stronger now...
    I love to run and play and climb things...
    I get plenty to eat and lots of warm loving attention....
    I'm happy now...

Well, it's been really nice to visit with you... ( yawn )... but I'm getting a little tired now. If you don't mind, I'm gonna take a little nap with Mist. Maybe we can talk more later...
Bye Bye... meowwww...

October 1998

Daddy's too busy to take any new pictures of me but I thought you'd like to know how I'm doing anyway. I am a year old, I weigh 8 1/4 pounds, and don't listen to my mommy when she says I'm too fat. She's just jealous because I am so perfect. I was forced to take over the raising of a Belgian Tervuren puppy. He turned out pretty well. His name is Hunter but I'm the one who caught the mouse. My sister Mist tries to show off by catching lots of mice but everyone knows my mouse was better.


October 2006

Holly has kept her promise to-date and never missed a meal. She is a fat, happy cat that enjoys cuddling with Mommy while Mommy uses her computer. She also loves to lie on her back in the middle of the room and take swipes at anything that comes within her reach; she has attacked and thoroughly defeated many shoes and doggy paws while doing this. She has become a master hunter and we're pretty sure that a good part of the extra weight she carries is due to the successful hunt for unlucky members of the local rodent population. At almost ten years old Holly is still going strong.


September 2015

Holly-n-Shirley Holly is still keeping her promise to never miss a meal. She's still a fat, happy cat, and still enjoys cuddling with Mommy while Mommy uses her computer. Sometimes Holly emits these special "sleep" phermones that put Mommy to sleep... And sometimes she will rest beside daddy, on his 'desk', with her front paws resting on his arm. I've had my arm fall asleep more than once because I hated to move it while Holly was resting there. At almost eighteen years old, Holly is slowing down a little, but she's still ready to tackle a good meal, where ever she finds it.


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