Camp Toonie - Saturday (Posted June 24, 2000)

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Time to learn some manners

Marilyn Hart and Gary Warnell are putting up with a nosy Belgian Terv (Shirley's Chamois) mugging them for treats and claiming her rightful place at the Top of the World, as they try to teach Gatsby (bottom left) to stop being a snarky, growling Sheltie. When Gatsby acted up, Gary had to run away and disappear. At left, campers line up for loose-lead walking exercises.

Below, Arlene Soderlund's Dice learns to allow people to approach him. Right, campers line up for a lesson in loose-lead walking.

They're called "puppy push-ups" and they're what little Shelties that scream in their crates have to do when they get out of the crates. Sit, down, sit, down -- makes the prospect of getting out of that terrible crate a LOT less attractive! Puppy push-ups were the order of the day for Beth Wiese and her dog Piper, left, and Laurie Behrends and Evan, above.

Above, Janice Mitchell takes a rest. Left, Tracy Buck gets a lot of attention when she goes for her bait bag.

Campers try to figure out how to use backchaining to train a trick -- a dog that goes to bed, puts his head on a pillow and pulls a blanket up over him.

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