Camp Toonie - Friday Night (Posted June 23, 2000)

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Miniature Collies??
Absolutely NOT!

It rained in the middle of the day and it rained at night -- but in the late afternoon, as Camp Toonie participants arrived with their Shelties of many colors, the day was cool, breezy and clear, perfect for a field romp.

This looks like a quiet scene, but in truth, Chance the Sheltie was learning a hard lesson -- that if he rushes and barks when someone knocks at the door, his human parents will run away and disappear! And sometimes, he will have to just sit quietly with someone else, like Shirley's hubby, Jim Isaacs Sr.

Guess who's disappointed that there's not a crumb of pizza to be found? Shirley's Tervuren, Hunter, of course!

The gold X-pen was just the perfect size for Theresa Corcoran's two Shelties and one foster. It wasn't long before one of them, Chance, was out of the pen, working on his door-greeting manners.

After pizza and field romps, it was time to get down to business -- learning about how to use a clicker. First task? Pick a clicker, of course! Laurie Behrends (left) and Janice Mitchell have the box loaded with a lot of clicker choices -- from alligators to armadillos in all colors.

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