Camp Terrier - Sunday (Posted March 12, 2000)

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We have a WINNER!

Presenting Loki, the Welsh Terrier, who not only learned to jump up on the rocking horse on Sunday, but even rocked it! Shirley's "treat" to reward Loki and Ina Davis, his owner/trainer, was an IOU for a registration-fee-free camp of their choice in the future!

Ina and Loki work on mastering the rocking horse, made easier by putting a tacky cover over the seat to give him better footing.

Liz gets Sparky used to rocking an office footstool, to help her get over her fear of the teeter-totter.

Left, Jeanne works on target tape practice, hoping to wean her Wirehaired Fox off looking at her face on a front. Above, Loki is learning to touch a target disk at the bottom of the A-frame, to make sure he hits agility contact points.

And of course, there was food.
There is ALWAYS food!

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