Camp Terrier - Saturday (Posted March 11, 2000)

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A Little of Everything, a Lot of Terrier Talk

And of course, breaks for runs in the big fenced field!

Jumping was the order of the day (it seems to come naturally to these terriers) -- but the real challenge came when Shirley hauled out a rocking horse and mused about the possibilities of teaching a dog to jump on its saddle. Liz Battista's Smooth Fox, Clown, was getting pretty darned close by the end of the day!

And speaking of jumpers, Vivian, the pint-sized Jack Russell Terrier, is a camp favorite, with her endless enthusiasm.

Tracy Pierce's Cairn, Emma, has touched a target disk on the ground but wouldn't touch the target stick Tracy held. The solution? Put the target stick on the ground!

Gideon KNOWS he's cute!

Shirley calls this exercise "learning about back feet." First the dogs learn to navigate through a gated "chute" forward and backing up; then (left) Ina Davis works to take her Welsh Terrier, Loki, through a house ladder on the ground. The next step is to click the dog for backing up through the chute, as the dog's feet hit poles on the ground -- then to click the dog as it backs through the ladder!

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