Camp Terrier - Friday Night (Posted March 11, 2000)

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Pizza, Basics & Terrier Tails

Before camp started, Liz Battista followed Shirley's suggestion and tried a Gentle Leader on Clown, one of two Smooth Fox Terriers she brought to the camp. Clown has a tendency to go after other dogs, and the Gentle Leader calmed him down a lot!

While Shirley was working with Liz, Gail Rampke let Piper, her Wire Fox Terrier, explore the agility equipment. When Piper enthusiastically tackled the dog walk, Gail had to come to her rescue -- Piper decided she was just a lot higher off the ground than she wanted to be!

The first order of business at any camp with Shirley is doggie greeting. Those stiff little Terrier tails were wagging furiously, even when the greeting (like the one above one between Tracy Pierce's Cairn, Emma, and Gail Rampke's Wirehaired Fox Terrier, Piper) was a little cautious. Below, Jeanne Wightman -- a long-distance camper who hails from Florida -- gives her Wire Fox Max a play break with his favorite toy.

Linda Legare has the smallest four-legged camper -- Vivian, all of five pounds of what appears to be a dwarf (or at least unusually small) Jack Russell Terrier.

And Ann Goeschke lures her little Cairn, Gideon, over the A-frame.

Well, it's about time! (The pizza delivery guy got lost!). That's Ina Davis digging in, and Shirley's husband, Jim Isaacs Sr., behind her.

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