Camp Papillon - Sunday (Posted May 14, 2000)

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A Time to Work,
A Time to Play

For starters, how about more work on conformation gaiting -- from corner to corner and across the middle of the ring, with treats at the end! When it's all over, Rudy gets a big hug from owner Colleen Adrian.

Getting over the teeter's totter is easier if there's only a slight bump at the end, softened by a towel. Left, Stacy Clark lures Teddy along, helping him get over his initial scare on the teeter-totter before the magazines and rugs went under it; right, Doug Moret clicks for Gelli's initial interest.

How about learning to go through a tunnel; Nancy Pinke's Minty thought it was fun! And in the field, Teddy LOVES to chase his ball!

Camp's over; let's hit the road!

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