Camp Papillon - Saturday (Posted May 13, 2000)

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From Nipping to Stacking

One of the challenges of the day was working with Beth Nelson's Sila, who'd decided she wanted to live life on HER terms. Sila had started nipping when Beth (or anyone else, for that matter) stroked or groomed her head or tail, and freely displayed her new behavior in the morning. Shirley prescribed a muzzle for her and some intensive work throughout the day; by the end of the day, Sila was beginning to accept "grooming" from strangers, like Nancy Pinke, right.

Stacy Clark works with Teddy, who wants to sit, not stand.

Nancy Pinke's Chase is just toooo cute!

Above, Colleen Adrian lures Rudy through a ladder. Right, Linda Moret gives Marguerite Sanford's JD a big treat for a nice gait to her corner.

And of course, even little dogs pull on leash, which means it's time for a little session in loose-lead walking and running circles around your training partner, as Doug Moret and Stacy Clark are going here.

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