Camp Newf - Sunday (Posted January 30, 2000)

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Snow, Agility, Target-Heeling and Slime!

Fresh overnight snow made for good romping in the fenced field -- and occasional through-the-fence visits with the Landseer puppies at Kaylar Newfoundlands next door. A visit to see a litter of 12-week-old puppies inside was a must!

Above, Shirley and Ramona Lee click Gus for each step up the A-frame. Below, campers click when dogs move their rears AWAY from the end of a target stick, the first step in being able to reposition your dog with a wiggle of your finger.

Shirley puts tape on Jonathan Shinn's chest, trying to find a targeting point for Maddie to look at while she heels.

All the big Newfs, lined up in a row, for an obligatory group photo.

What's a Camp Newf without slime? Jocelyn Hawley nominated her own Lacey for the the Slime Award for the weekend!

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