Camp Newf - Saturday Afternoon (Posted January 29, 2000)

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Retrieving, Heeling, Carting, Shaping

Archemedes, above, learns to touch the dumbbell, while Gus, at right, has just had enough work for one day, thank you very much!

It's totally up to the dog to decide where this exercise will go. Get a chair, get a dog, and just start clicking. Kathy Reed's young Landseer, Jenna, had a tail-wagging good time with this! She whacked the chair with one paw, then put two paws up and then jumped into the chair!

Newf camper Jocelyn Hawley (right), also a national NCA draft judge, explains how this cart would have to be adjusted to balance the weight bearing points for Newf Maddie, who has never pulled a cart before.

Cindy Dasbach and Archemedes tackled "responsible heeling" -- with the responsiblity resting on the DOG'S shoulders to at least try to stay in the general vicinity of its owner. Shirley distracts Archemedes while Cindy passes by -- and Archemedes decides to stick with Shirley. Reviewing the session on video later (below), campers saw that Cindy was always watching her dog -- and that the minute she looked way, he was more interested in catching up with her.

Reviewing a taped portion of the day's training session.

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