Camp Newf - Saturday Morning (Posted January 29, 2000)

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Manners, Stacking and Back Feet

Peggy Pack works on Mercedes' stack.

Time to learn a trick! How about close the door? First you start with a paper plate and teach the dog to touch it - and start to "fade" the target by tearing the plate in half! Meanwhile, Ramona Lee's Gus takes a break.

Hot dogs, hot dogs! We need more hot dogs!

A little sit-down session Saturday morning focused on the long down. But Tug, a 1-year-old Newf on hormone overload, got his lesson in advances allowed -- and not allowed -- toward the opposite sex.

Later, Tug quieted down and decided Maggie was more than he could handle.

Becky Schultz's Maggie had no trouble backing up through a PVC chute. Or walking backwards through a ladder.

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