Camp Newf - Friday Night (Posted January 29, 2000)

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Oh, yes, we LIKE baths! (Not!) Sherry Shinn and son Jonathan got to Grinnell early and soaked Maddie (here) first, and then Teddy in the Well Mannered Dog's dogwash room.

Pizza and Clicker-Training Basics

Even before camp officially started, Shirley Chong started training a dog, unable to resist the challenge of a big Newf (in this case, Teddy), who didn't want to be crated or caged. Shirley ignored him when he jumped, shaking her head in exaggeration and pointing her nose in the air, then praised and petted him when he got four on the floor.

These Newf crates take up a LOT of floor space!

Sherry Shinn helps Ramona Lee (left) put pins into the biggest crate at the camp, weekend home for Ramona's Landseer, Gus.

After pizza, it was time to click -- and the first lesson was Doggie Zen. For the dog the lesson is: You don't get the treat until you stop MUGGING me for the treat.

The pizza just couldn't arrive soon enough for nine-year-old Jonathan Shinn.

Jocelyn Hawley's fiery year-old Newf Tug still thinks mugging is a better way to get a treat.

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