Camp Leo - Sunday (Posted September 10, 2000)

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Lots of Leo Talk and Play

Peggy and Jim Walker's Gus (left) had a big day Sunday. The Walkers are struggling to modify some undesirable behavior (a tendency to challenge other dogs, particularly puppies), and Gus spent part of the day settling down in their RV. But, a died-in-the-wool pacer, he got to come out later in the afternoon to show how a diehard pacer can learn to trot, to better show off the magnificent Leo that he is. Peggy merely ran him across poles on the floor, where dogs tend to shift naturally to a trot to clear the pole. Soon Gus was trotting clear around the ring!

Renee Kutcher and Cane (left) and Samantha Burton and Fergus (above) treat their dogs for touching the "scary" swinging bridge, that moves beneath their feet. Both dogs learned to walk the bridge.

Jane Heggen came by Sunday with her Leo, Cowboy, and tried Shirley's method of teaching a dog what "wrong" or "oops!" really means during training -- by having a dog touch two similar items, then withholding the click and Oops!-ing him on one. Cowboy, however, decided that a touch was not enough; he preferred to take full possession of the pop cans!

And, of course, there had to be lots of play time in the field, particularly for the young ones!

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