Camp Leo - Saturday (Posted September 9, 2000)

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Back Feet, Shaping,
Loose-Lead Walking,
and TIRED Campers

Nope, it's not chaos, it's a session on loose-lead walking,
with Jim Walker cutting through the traffic pattern!

Ivan loves working on the directed retrieve, if it's his favorite toy!

Leo portraits: Fergus, above, and Gus, below.

Puppies Diva, left, and Harry splashed tons of water on the floor, perfect for a cool nap!

While Jim Walker and Elsa Beth just dozed in front of fans.

Waltraut Zieher clicks Jezebell to walk backwards through the chute, to learn that she has back feet.

Aesop, above, and Fergus, below, learn to touch what owners Kelly Schlesinger and Samantha Burton point to.

Well, June Campbell (at left) borrowed Sandy Love's Leo Ivan to try "101 Things to Do with a Chair," and look what Ivan came up with! Above, Renee Kutcher tries to get pup Cane to learn how to back up over poles -- IF she can just get him to go forward into the chute first!

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