Camp Leo - Friday Night (Posted September 8, 2000)

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Puppies, Pizza,
And Big Dogs

Diva is five months old and sporting the bushy lion-like pouf of hair of young Leonbergers, a rare breed in the giant category. She and two other Leo pups at this camp promise to offer hours of entertainment for the weekend campers!

Ginny Bartholomay, below, brought Harry, the youngest pup, and her almost-four-year-old girl Frannie.

Harry's a 16-week-old charmer -- a little Leo rug with his legs sprawled out behind him, or with his head buried in the water bowl.

Of course, there was pizza and a group rundown of non-dog interests. The Leo group includes a physician, an emergency vet clinic worker, several free-lance writers and one woman who designs miniature parquet floors for doll houses!

Roaming Leos became community property for cuddles from Pam Grant (above), who brought her girl, Ripley, and fended off friendly Leos while sitting on the floor. Meanwhile, Sandy Love (below) gets a grip on young Diva and her buddy Ivan, four years old.

Down to training business, it's time to teach these big dogs a little Doggie Zen
 -- to get the treat, you must stop trying to get the treat.

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