Camp ACD - Sunday (Posted April 16, 2000)

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Cattle Dogs
Still Going Strong!

And a little something special -- a cake for Steven Ford's 11th birthday! Just what he wanted -- a Texas Sheet Cake just like his grandma used to make (Mom passed the recipe along to one of the camp cooks).

The training challenge -- teach a dog to wake you up when the fire alarm sounds, then find the door that's not hot. Or teach a dog to find the marzipan and NOT eat it. The early steps? Lie on the floor and click the dog for whacking you when someone yells FIRE!; use marzipan under paper cups to reinforce the dog for finding marzipan.

How about a game of tug? Mary Healey's ACDs, Ranger and Noah, think leashes are just made for this ferocious pulling game.

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