Camp ACD - Saturday (Posted April 15, 2000)

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Stepanie Shepherd's blue heeler, Mollie, waits patiently for "Mom" to start paying attention again <g>. Below, Susan Ford, a Trekkie (Voyager style) at heat, works with B'Elanna; her other heeler is named "Paris".

Saturday night dinner at a Grinnell home includes a special massage, thanks to Jake Crabtree, for a young Berner.

Tricks, Treats, and
Lots of Hard Work

Steven Ford, top left, is the youngest member of Camp ACD. Below, Tilly cracks up her owner, Jeri Grimm when she offers a "Bang, you're dead!" on a "down" command. Everyone else wanted to know how to teach the "bang" trick, thanks to Tilly.

Above, Mollie and Stephanie take a break. Below, Tig's break came to an end when Jenny Crabtree discovered that cream cheese renews his training interest!

Mary Healey teaches Ranger to target a clear disk, and maybe that will help him later on agility contact zones.

Why in a circle back-to-back? To throw treats out and encourage dogs to work away from their owners!

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