Camp Berner - Sunday (Posted October 27, 2001)

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Stacking, Chutes, Faces and Turns

Darwin, 8 months, owned by Susan and Larry Reeve

Salsa, left, and Oso, 6 months, owned by Debbi Davis

Above, Judy Hall tickles Lucas' feet to get him to move them, moving toward training him to free-stack in the conformation ring. Below, Allie Gnade does similar work with Bella. The fact that Bella was in season provided a great training opportunity at the camp for owners who brought intact males.

Above, Michelle Grau takes one of the Grau's Berners through a back-feet exercise. Darwin, below, learned to "pray" in a back-chaining team challenge.

Kathy Berge teaches a Berner left and right, tossing treats in one direction or the other at the end of the chute.

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