Camp Berner - Saturday (Posted October 27, 2001)

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Chicken Games,
Loose-Lead Walking,
Stays and More

Hi, I'm Issabella. . .
you can call me "Izzy".

Michelle Grau is on her knees, doing her best imitation of a fearless chicken who gets quite irritated if it doesn't receive its treat right after Diane Denman, right, clicks. Camp starts off with a series of "be a chicken" exercises to improve timing with the clicker.

Above left, Susan Reeve (left) tries to click whenever Lynn Balsiger (right) taps the pad. Debbi Davis listens to report if the click was early or late. Above right, Mandy McLean works on a little Doggie Zen (to get the treat you must leave the treat) with Callie, a BARC rescue pup.

At left, Judy Hall clicks when Lucas resists her pull on his leash. Rewarding the dog for the "oppositional force" is one way Shirley teaches rock-solid stays. Above, Salsa learns to settle in a down for his owner, Debbi Davis.

And of course, a lot of to-and-fro loose-lead walking with the distraction of other people and dogs! Leashes thrown over the shoulder discourage handlers from pulling back on the leash.

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