Camp Berner - Sunday (Updated November 5, 2000)

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The Berners Keep Working!

How about polishing the conformation stand? Lynn Griffin baits a stand from Camille, above; while Sharon Wilson, below, helps young Boris figure out what to do with his feet.

There's nothing like a big clump of bushes, home to yummy critters and smells, to start a Berner romp.

There are all sorts of steps to teaching a good retrieve. Harriet Hannemann's Amber, above-left, needs to learn how to give up the dumbbell; Paige Hess's Hannah, above-right, is at the beginning stages, being rewarded for even looking at the dumbbell.

Berners need to learn about their feet -- which means going forward, stopping and going back through chutes and ladders, on the dogwalk or flattened teeter. Working on the "wait" are Paige Hess and Hannah, above, and Maxine Wendell and Belle, right.

The bait bags can bring out the beggar in any dog, including Shirley Chong's Tervuren, Chamois, the one NOT black dog at the camp!

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