Camp Berner - Saturday (Posted November 4, 2000)

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Targets, Carts, Mats & Pups

The puppy at the camp is Lynn Griffin's Cydney, who is just toooo adorable! The "stuck" Berner is Kathryn Beckerdite's Gretel, one of several Berners who learned that if you charge through the door ahead of your owner, the door will close behind you and there you are -- leash caught in the door and all alone!

Of course, there HAD to be carting! Robin Bartnick's Cleo (right) pulls a cart on her own while Jill Evans and Indie (foreground) check out another cart and (background) Maxine Wendell's Belle exercises a bit more caution.

More than one camper brought multiple dogs, but Robin Bartnick brought the most -- four -- and also has mastered the art of keeping all four under control. Here they hold a stay outside the kitchen, of all places! Left to right are Roxy, Charlie (black, yes; Berner, no), Cleo and Mya. Oh, they will all walk on Kathryn's left on a loose leash, too. Or, more accurately, FOUR loose leashes.

There was also time (above, left) to learn about touching the target stick -- and avoiding it, or "anti-targeting" to move the rear end; and time to teach dogs to "go to your mat" by tossing treats. The favorite cue for the exercise? "Park it!"

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