Camp Belgian - Sunday (Posted October 15, 2001)

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Stacking, Chutes, Food and Faces

No question about it, people are as interested in food as the dogs are! Judy and Bob Johnstone load up at the lunch table. At right, Deb Norman fixes a toe "owie" on Corey's foot.

Deb Norman stacks Corey, the grey Terv (left); Judy Johnstone tries to get Torch, a Groenendael, pumped up for an eager stack (above).

Faces: Hunter, Shirley Chong's Tervuren, far left; Kia, Debby Courtier's two-year-old Groen, center; and Paula Albright, 7-year-old miniature camper.

Walking through a chute forward and backward helps
Penny, the Malinois, learn about her back feet.

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