Camp Belgian - Saturday (Posted October 15, 2001)

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Greeting, Clicking, and Basics

Nothing like a bunch of black Belgian Sheepdogs -- Groenendaels -- hanging around to totally confuse you about which dog is which. At right, a Terv and a Groen go through the ritual meet-and-greet circle. Below, campers try to entice dogs toward them in a loose-lead walking exercise.

Camp starts with some intensive exercises on clicker timing. Karen Albright, above, tries to click as fast as another camper "pecks" with a pen. At left, Deb Norman (right) plays a vicious "chicken", attacking her trainer, Judy Johnstone, who has failed to feed her quickly enough.

Toss a treat, get the dog to stay "out there," a handy skill for safety and drops-on-recall.That's John Albright, pitching food for his sleek Malinois, Penny.

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